Jared Rice

Hi! I’m Jared.

I’m a recent graduate located in Cincinnati, OH. I received my bachelor’s degree from Northern Kentucky University with a major and 2 minors. My B.A. consists of a Major in Media Informatics and minors in Computer Science and Electronic Media & Broadcasting.

I’m a designer and developer 🦄

Some refer to this combination as being a “unicorn” because it’s rare to excel in both disciplines. I try to be the perfect union between communication, arts, technology, and code. I use this interdisciplinary approach to create compelling and inventive experiences in all media.

I love understanding and being capable of working in the entire pipeline for any discipline. My diverse and extensive skill set makes me capable of creating websites, graphics, 3D visuals, animations, apps, video games, and more!

Currently, I work professionally as a Web Developer for Systems Insight, Inc. located in Covington, KY.

Development / Programming

  • I have substantial programming knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, and PHP
  • I’m familiar with MySQL, Node and React
  • 4+ years of experience working with CMS tools like WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace and Wix to build functioning websites.
  • I understand and practice web maintenance, optimization, SEO, Hosting, Server Configuration and Database Management

Design / UI & UX

  • I have 4+ years experience using design concepts such as color theory, typography and page architecture to create
  • Designing user interfaces for Websites, Software and Applications is where I thrive
  • I frequently use tools like Whimsical, Figma, Adobe XD, Photoshop & Illustrator to create and prototype
  • I’m capable of Branding and Illustration projects

3D, Animation & Games

  • I started animating in 2D during elementary school
  • 2+ years experience working in 3D tools like Maya to create, skin, rig and animate
  • Learning how to develop in c# using unity game engine to program and create video games
  • I also have experience using tools like Adobe after effects, & premiere to animated visuals and video