Jared Rice – Designer & Developer

I’m Jared, a Web Developer & Designer in Cincinnati, OH.

I do my best to create unique and custom digital interfaces with friendly user experiences.

Services, Skills & Hobbies

I do “Computer Stuff”

No condenscendling tone implied, I simply love to learn and there is way too much for a one liner. This particular skillset was formed by my enthusiasm for storytelling, arts, technology and human pyscology.

Web Development

Programming, maintenance, build & launch for custom websites and web applications

Graphic Design

Professional product design for physical and digital content, websites, interfaces and more


3D Modeling


Game Design

Video Editing


Content Writing

Just so you know..

This Site is Under Construction

Creating a website seems like a simple thing for a web developer, but I can assure you there is never enough time for some reason. Thanks for your patience while I roll out all brand new designs and content over the next few weeks.

Last Updated: 4/22/2021