UI Design & Web Development

I am a Senior UI Designer with several years experience in User Interface design, Web Development and Design Systems.

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Digital Designer & Web Developer

I have 5 years of professional experience as a User Interface Designer and Web Developer. I’ve worked with start ups, branding agencies and end clients to create engaging digital experiences.

Design Audit & Critique

Because not every project requires a complete redesign

Holistic design reports, offering actionable suggestions tailored specifically to improve the user interface and experience of your product or website. from Design Audit & Critique

Critique Topics
  • Page Redesign
  • Usability Testing
  • User Interactions
  • Layout & Hierarchy
  • Accessibility
  • Bugs
  • Visuals
  • General Feedback

UI/UX Design

Well-designed interfaces attract and retain users, ensuring a painless and accessible experience. from UI/UX Design

Front-end Development

Writing and executing the code to bring your website to life with a CMS or other custom method. from Front-end Development

SEO Strategy & Google Analytics

Increase your chances of search engines ranking your website higher. from SEO Strategy & Google Analytics

Branding & Illustration

Strengthen your brand with a new logo, color scheme, typography, and more. from Branding & Illustration

3D Modeling & Animation

Incorporate 3D modeling or animation into a project to give it a fresh look. from 3D Modeling & Animation

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Projects & Case Studies

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D’Angelo Russel Camp DLO

A collaborative project to create a Basketball Camp Website for professional NBA player, D'Angelo Russel.


Ohio River Foundation

Custom Website design and development for a local non-profit, Ohio River Foundation

Enterprise-grade design and senior experience

Learn how your product could better excite investors and captivate users.